Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit

We are excited to announce that Cryptoken Media is an official media partner of the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit. The highly anticipated 8th edition of the summit will take place over two days in Dubai on October 4-5, 2023, in Le Meridien Hotel & Conference Center. 

The two-day event will attract over 3,000 of the world’s top crypto companies, blockchain entrepreneurs, and AI innovators from more than 85 countries. 

The Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit will feature renowned speakers from various sectors of the crypto industry. The first lineup of notable speakers joining the event this year includes:

  1. Martin Hanzl – Head of New Technologies at EY Law
  2. Lennix Lai – Global Chief Commercial Officer at OKX 
  3. Matthew Sigel – Head of Digital Assets Research at VanEck
  4. Michaël van de Poppe – Crypto Investor, Technical Analyst and CEO of MN Trading
  5. Charles Cheng – Ph.D, Forbes China 60
  6. Sam Blatteis – CEO of The MENA Catalysts
  7. Alex Fazel – Chief Partnership Officer at SwissBorg

These influential speakers, along with many others, will share their expertise and insights, contributing to the vibrant discussions and knowledge exchange at the summit. The event will cover a wide range of topics focused on the revolutionary technologies of the future, the potential synergies between blockchain, AI, cryptocurrencies, seamless payments, Metaverse, Web3, DAOs, DeFi, and NFT. 

About Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit

Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit is recognized as the world’s largest blockchain conference network. The summit has achieved remarkable success with its previous events held in London and Istanbul earlier this year. 

Secure your seat now to reveal the power of blockchain and AI and unlock new opportunities. 

When: 4-5 October 2023
Where: Le Meridien Hotel & Conference Center, Dubai
Event URL: 

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