What are ICO Bounty programs campaigns?

When you hear about bounty you can think of the Wild Wild West and how you can get money for capturing a criminal. But here, in the World Wide Web, ICO Bounty Program has a bit of a different meaning. Yes, it is still fascinating, but, in contrast to the prior definition of bounty, today it is a safe activity. ICO Bounty Program lets people contribute by finishing specific tasks in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Influencers, copywriters, translator and other are helping with different aspects of the marketing plan and after release activities and they get their bounty reward.

ICO bounty programs

Bounty Programs types and ICO

As you can expect, there are different types of ICO Bounty Programs. First, and I can say most important is the Pre-ICO Bounty Programs. These mainly focus their attention on the goal awareness. The other type is the Post-ICO programs. They concentrate on fixing bugs and penetrating new markets.

Pre-ICO Bounty Programs

These bounty programs happen before the ICO. As we said, the primary goal is to create awareness. Make as much as possible noise all around the web.

1. Social Media Campaign Bounties
They are multi-platform. You can see a YouTuber talking about a new cryptocurrency. Another is sharing information on his blog, or you see tweets with a new crypto hashtag.

Each of these activities gives different bounty reward, depending on some different criteria. Most commonly, the essential factor is the number of followers of the promoter.

Through the social media, you can reach a broad audience. People can get to know your new cryptocurrency, and they can be easily redirected to your website or the page with ICO information.

2. Writing Content Bounties
The first one is very similar to the effect of the social media ones. Writers with own blog or website with many followers can post new articles about the ICO. This creates awareness among the followers.

The second is to write content directly for the company behind the ICO. This is useful for many good writers, who have audiences who might not be interested in the ICO. They can write directly for the blog or website of the company.

3. Signature Bounty
This campaign goes around forums. To start, the person needs to become a member of a certain forum and change his/her avatar and/or wear a signature of the cryptocurrency. The higher rank he or she has, more he or she will earn. The point is to show the brand to the rest of the users.

Post-ICO Bounty campaign

They are implemented after the ICO. Their goal is support and additional promotion. The previous activities can continue, but here are few new.


Everything works fine with the new cryptocurrency, the ICO was great, but now it is time to expand. To get to new markets, you will need to translate the content to the local language so the people there can understand it. You can translate to Spanish, to get to many different countries – South America, Central America, Spain, etc. Or you can translate to Chinese, Korean or Japanese if you want to target those countries.

Bug Reporting

With every new platform, you can expect some bugs. You can create a bug hunting bounty that aims at cleaning different small problems There are many programmers and hackers that like to get involved with new crypto money for some fast income.


ICO Bounty Programs have an incredible effect on the ICO marketing. They are easy to use and gives a massive awareness all over the world. They use the practices of Influence marketing and content marketing reach the digital marketing goals, and in return, it gives the opportunity to the bounty hunters to get even more involved with the cryptocurrency.

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