Over the past fifteen years, the world has gone through enormous technological advancements with the most significant, and considered cornerstone of modern finances, being the Bitcoin creation in late 2008. This was the beginning of a new digital era, which radically changed the way people interact with their finances.

In the late 2010s, we started observing the rise of new industry niches. The crypto industry was changing with dynamics that could not be seen in any other industry. The emergence of ICO projects in 2017 and the diversification of businesses in the market happened so quickly that every day in the field brought something new to the world, shaping the industry. After thorough research and with the help of the collected data, we identified a very high demand for marketing services. Each company wanted to be known and gain its own share of customers. This is the story of how Cryptoken Media was born in 2018.

Cryptoken Media 5th Anniversary

Cryptoken Media expertise

2018 was a rough year for the crypto sector. Тhe world saw many projects spawning right after Bitcoin created a widespread buzz around blockchain and the crypto sector. However, the buzz quickly turned into a storm, leaving its mark in cryptos’ history as the ICO winter.

Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, are listed similarly to an initial price offering by a company. However, the convenience of blockchain technology gave way to many enthusiasts to purchase their share of project tokens prior to its launch, thus creating liquidity for businesses. In 2019, the ICO concept was further utilized by exchanges. Those exchanges began offering initial exchange offerings (IEOs) on their platform. Meanwhile, other companies chose to offer their tokens as securities, calling their offerings STO.

2020 saw the emergence of decentralized finance or DeFi. The summer of 2020 spawned an array of decentralized exchanges, farms, pools, and other decentralized options appearing on the market. One of the most notable examples is the ApeSwap exchange, which partnered with us to help them grow their audience.

2021 was the year of the non-fungible token or NFTs. The world went crazy with this new concept of digital representation, with artist Banksy reportedly selling one of his murals as an NFT for over $65 million. NFT collections like the Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) brought back the market for collectibles.

2022 saw the crypto sector plummet after several notable market crashes like the ones with Terra (LUNC), and FTX. The turbulent times reduced the market costs for advertising, meaning advertising now is much cheaper than it was in 2020. Nowadays, companies can easily scale their market share with lower fees and better service, especially with the expertise that Cryptoken Media can bring to your project.

Who joined us during our journey?

Businesses usually prefer the best market options, and Cryptoken Media managed to establish itself among the leading crypto marketingg agencies. Over 130 brands and companies chose Cryptoken Media for their digital marketing campaigns, including the names of Binance, OKX, Nexo, Liquid, Zignaly, EtoroX, Trastra, Atari, Huobi, AAX, ApeSwap, SX, Duelbits, and many more.

Our ICO listing team managed to put over 30 ICO/IEO/STO projects on the radar and give them a head start in their journey across the crypto space.

What about the skills?

During the five years, we managed to attract over 10,000 partners and deliver very complex campaigns, both locally and globally. Also, the tides helped us to perfect our skills to organize B2C and B2B campaigns aligned with your goals. Big social media companies and search engines like Facebook, Twitter, and Google restricted crypto advertising. However, our team managed to find working solutions that bypass those limitations.

Last, but not least – the crypto sector proved to be a big intersection for ideas, capital, and like-minded people. We are glad that all types of businesses continue to contact us and use our services daily.

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Thank you!

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